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When it comes to protecting your assets and ensuring they are rightfully distributed, it is important to have a will in order, and a probate lawyer to help execute it. Having a power of attorney in place is crucial too, to give someone the authority to act in your interest for financial and legal matters. At Held Lawyers, we help you with it all.

Making a Will

A will is a legal and binding document that states how you want your property, assets, and debts to be handled after you pass away. A well-written and updated will helps in ensuring your assets are distributed the way you want, your family are financially sound after you pass, you know who will take care of your children, and quickens the process of settling your estate. If you would like help in making a will, contact our experienced lawyers in Malvern.

Power of Attorney and Medical Treatment Decisions

An attorney is appointed by an individual, called the ‘principal’ to have legal authority to take decisions for them. An attorney can only take decisions on matters for which they have been appointed by the principal, and only after their role starts. Generally, an attorney is appointed to make decisions about financial matters and/or personal matters, and can even be specific to certain cases only. An attorney cannot make decisions about medical treatment for the principal unless they are also their medical decision maker. For more details or assistance, feel free to contact us.


When a person dies, they often leave behind property, assets, and debts to be managed and finalised. If a will exists, there would be an executioner named in it, and if not, the deceased’s next of kin is usually tasked with finalising the estate. A probate is a legal document that certifies the validity of a will, and that it can be acted upon. Letters of administration are issued when there is no valid will left behind by the deceased. If you need law services in Melbourne to help you in this regard, please reach out to us at Held Lawyers.


When it comes to wills and power of attorney, subject to discussions, our professional costs are generally $490 plus GST for a basic will or a standard form of power of attorney, and $200 plus GST for Certificates of Witness and Acknowledgement of Executor. We charge a similar fee for a standard form of medical treatment decision maker appointment at $490 plus GST. When it comes to probate, we usually charge $2,000 plus GST for four hours of professional time. With regards to other matters, our professional costs are generally $200 plus GST for Verification of Identity (VOI), and $490 plus GST per hour for general consults.

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