Property Law Services Offered in Malvern, Victoria

Property law is a vast concept, and tricky to navigate without an expert to guide you along the way. If you are looking for lawyers in and around Malvern to help you with any concerns you may have pertaining to property, let the team at Held Lawyers help you.

Buying or Selling a Property?

As part of our commitment to help our clients, we offer at no charge, the brief perusal of contracts and sale documents for property, with the understanding that our services are retained if your purchase is successful.

We endeavour to provide an overview within 24 hours.

When reviewing documents, we use a ‘stop light’ system regarding matters to be aware of, where ‘green’ implies no further action needed; ‘amber’ implies potential action/investigation needed, and ‘red’ implies definite action/investigation needed. If you would like more information, contact our property lawyers today.

Next Steps After Buying a Property

We make the assumption that you have a team of professional advisors like financial planners, lenders, lawyers, brokers, and accountants who help with necessary due diligence before you buy any property. A lawyer’s primary role is to ensure the transfer of property, along with regularly communicating with you throughout the journey.

As part of our pre-purchase due diligence, we provide contract reviews free of charge, and also provide detailed advice based on the type of property you are investing in. We will also help in verification of documents, and guide you til settlement day when the property is finally yours.

Costs for our Services

When it comes to conveyancing, subject to discussions, our professional costs are generally $990 plus GST for residential conveyance, $350 (one person), or $500 (two people) plus GST for State Revenue Office (SRO) duty calculation, and $500 plus GST for Verification of Identity (VOI). With regards to other matters, our professional costs are generally $490 per hour plus GST, $990 plus GST for loan/mortgage/guarantee and indemnity documentation, and $350 plus GST for nomination documentation. Do feel free to get in touch for a discussion and general quotation as per your situation.

Held Lawyers

For Affordable Law Services in Melbourne, Get in Touch with Our Property Lawyers Today. Call us on 03 9509 0710 or 0407 548 632.

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