Whether it be relating to mortgages, or guarantees and indemnity or beyond, the world of financial law can be tricky to navigate, but with the help of our finance lawyers at Held Lawyers, you can breathe easy. For a discussion about your situation, call our lawyers in Malvern today.

Mortgage or Guarantees and Indemnities?

As part of our ongoing service, we offer at no charge, the brief perusal of mortgage or guarantee and indemnity documents, with the understanding that our services are retained if your purchase is successful. We aim to provide an overview within 24 hours. A pre-requisite if you proceed is that you read the documents before meeting us for a solicitor’s certificate. We will also need a soft copy of the final documentation as soon as it is available. For a further discussion, feel free to call our finance lawyers.

Costs for Mortgage, Guarantee and Indemnity

When it comes to mortgages, subject to discussions, our professional costs are generally $990 plus GST for two hours of professional time. With regards to the discharge of mortgages, our fee is $990 plus GST for two hours when acting for the lender, and $490 plus GST for one hour when acting for the borrower. When it comes to guarantees and indemnities, we charge $1,470 plus GST for three hours to the lender, and $990 plus GST for two hours to the guarantor/indemnifier. The cost of getting a Verification of Identity (VOI) is $500 plus GST.

Costs for Other Matters

With regards to other matters, our professional costs are generally $490 plus GST per hour, which includes things like pre-document negotiations, perusal of other documentation, third party liaison, etc. We are unable to help on certain matters like insurance, tax, valuation, financial products, or matters where we have a conflict which cannot be resolved. Professional charges are largely determined by the documentation and process required, and are charged per item for office services.

Held Lawyers

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